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Kim is a twice BAFTA nominated, multi award winning Creative & Director born in Canada but based in London. Specialising in high impact visual storytelling, her background as an illustrator and designer imbues each project with imagination and originality, while her skills as writer, director and producer ground her ideas in the reality of what works on screen. Her portfolio spans motion graphics, live action, VR and post production for broadcast, advertising and online.

Everything has a story – it’s how you tell it that makes the difference. Who is the story for? Who is the storyteller? Where does it start and how does it unfold? Stories aren’t usually linear – so let’s follow a thread and see where it takes us, then let your imagination take hold.

Clients include: Oxford Film & Television, BBC, Nickelodeon, Lego & Nissan

UK Director Representation – Great Guns
Other Enquiries – info@kimmajkut.com


Graphical Web – Met Office – Storytelling with VR/AR
Expanding Immersive Design Conference – Zurich University of the Arts – Captivating the Mind; Education in VR/AR
VRVienna + Pixel Conference 23 – Austria – Captivating the Mind; Education in VR/AR, Remixing the Pixel; Starkey Music Video
D&AD New Blood – Design Storm London – Exploring VR/AR in Education
C-TV Konferenz – Austria – Education in VR/AR
VR World Congress 2016 – Bristol UK – Capturing Youth; VR/AR

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